10 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand

10 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand

To know dogs is to love them, but it’s also to put up with their idiosyncrasies. 

1. Stolen Food

Unless your dog is a picky eater, you’ve probably placed your plate down on a table, counter, or desk only to have it grabbed and gobbled by a fuzzy little thief. Exceptionally brave pups will even snatch treats right from your hand!

2. The Dreaded Doorbell

No guest may enter and no mail may be delivered without the thunderous alarm of barking followed by the clattering of doggie feet against your hardwood floors. Say goodbye to your security deposit.

3. The Lower Legs Straight Jacket

A simple walk always seems to end with untangling yourself from the leash your dog just weaved in and out of your legs 6 times while you unlocked the door. For owners of multiple dogs, this tends to happen mid-walk, and they never fail to trip you up.

4. Drool

It’s on your hands, your brand-new pants, and, of course, your face. You either have or have considered keeping a rag with you for clean-up. 

5. Fur. Everywhere.

No matter how often you vacuum or sweep, there’s always a spot you missed. Most of us gave up on solid color shirts a long time ago, but you can’t deny the build-up in the dryer lint catcher. 

6. Wet Dog Smell

Even the smallest drops of rain bring out the musk, and doggie cologne never seems to fully mask it. 

7. Even Worse, The Smell of Wet Food

You’re happy to spoil them with their special food, but that doesn’t make the smell or the texture any more inviting. Even the expensive stuff is gag-worthy.

8. Early Morning Potty Breaks in the Cold and/or Rain

They hate being out in the cold and the wet almost as much as you hate freezing in your pjs for all of your neighbors to see. 

9. New Dog Anxiety

When you come across another dog on a walk, it’s impossible to know if the other dog is dog-aggressive or if their owner knows proper etiquette for introducing the animals. Some people will let their dog just run up to yours, which is terrifying for owners who know their dogs don’t play well with others. 

10. Puppy Dog Eyes

Nothing tugs on the heartstrings more than the sad look your dog gets when you have to leave them at home, and you spend all day thinking about what your dog is up to. That end-of-day reunion is pretty sweet, though.