Extra Pampering Makes Boarding Even Better

Extra Pampering Makes Boarding Even Better

With our special Story & Cuddle Time enrichment add-on, lodging pets can get extra attention while their parents are away!

Most pet owners see their dog as a fuzzy member of the family. Commonly referred to as “fur babies,” people often treat their pets how they would treat a child: baby talk, cuddles, endless photos, special treats, and so many other ways of doting on their furry friends. Pampered Pet Inn believes that every pet deserves star treatment, even when their parents aren't there to do it themselves! 

It can be difficult to leave a pet behind in boarding when going on vacation or taking an important trip. Being sure that they are getting extra attention no matter what can make it so much easier! When lodging, parents can choose an extra special enrichment add-on to ensure some one-on-one cuddle time for pets that includes an amazing bonus: story time! Fur-babies get the TLC that they’re used to, and parents can rest assured that Pampered Pet Inn is making their baby feel right at home. 

In addition to parents’ peace of mind, Story & Cuddle Time can be beneficial to dogs and cats alike. Just like humans, dogs and cats are susceptible to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. While cats are much more independent and less likely to experience depression, affection can hugely increase their trust and feelings of safety while in our resort. Dogs are pack animals, and just one session of snuggling releases enough oxytocin to make them more calm, happy, and relaxed.

With stories such as Go, Dog, Go!, Where The Wild Things Are, and If You Give A Dog A Donut, pets are engaged, mentally stimulated, and, most importantly, cuddled close by PPI’s dedicated staff. Ask about Story & Cuddle time next time you book a lodging stay, and check out our other special enrichment packages at https://www.pamperedpetinn.com/lodging