"Home Away From Home" A Special Guest Testimonial

A Guest Post by long-time client, Sue Edmonson


Merry and I found Pampered Pet Inn 14 years ago, just after I had rescued Merry.  She had been spotted and trapped a couple of weeks before Christmas.  She was wet and out in the sleet.  


Merry had apparently been in a puppy factory.  She was still lactating.  Had escaped to find freedom.


She had been mistreated to the point that she could not make eye contact for more than a week.  I was going back to the office after having stayed home to take care of her and help her feel safe.  I found Ellen O'Connor, owner of Pampered Pet Inn.  I felt that Merry would be safe and get good attention as soon as I met Ellen.  I trusted her right away.


Over these years Ellen and her daughters, Erin and Mary Kate have treated us like family - Merry and me both as well as my daughter, Katherine.


The folks who take care of the dogs in their care are hand-picked to keep the standard of care consistent.  All of the areas for this shop and the exterior facilities are pristine and no animal is left untended.  Security and safety are planned and well attended.


Whenever Merry has had a change in health, I share with management at PPI, and notes are provided to the staff so everyone is up to date.  Medication and health changes are well documented and followed.


When I was hospitalized for major surgeries in mid-summer of 2018, Ellen and the staff of Pampered Pet Inn stepped up to help my daughter who was in town from New York to be my advocate in the medical center.  My daughter stayed at my apartment during those 7 weeks and because of the compassion and their attention to Merry and Katherine and me, Merry got to be cared for during the day and she also got to come home to spend the night.


There is no other group I would trust to care for Merry, now 17+ years old.  As a matter of fact, within the past month, Merry was diagnosed with a severe UTI infection and each day when Merry went to daycare while I was working, she was monitored and I got a daily report.  I actually had to undergo emergency surgery and while Erin called the ambulance for me, she also called Ellen to come and take Merry to be cared for at the shop.  Merry stayed at PPI during that week following my hospitalization.


My trust for this family business was proven to be right.  I am grateful for this family and the way they care about me and my Miss Merry Christmas. 


Home away from home.

That's what PPI has been for Merry all these years.

I remember not long after I'd been taking Merry for daycare, I asked the team "How's she doing?  Adjusting just fine?"

They replied:  "Just what we like to see - glad to come in for the day and happy to go home."