Top 10 Gifts for Pampered Pets & Their Parents

Top 10 Gifts for Pampered Pets & Their Parents

Pamper your pet (and yourself) with gifts curated by the experts.

We all know how hard it can be to find the purrrfect gift. Pampered Pet Resorts has made it easy with a curated list of the best gifts for pampered pets and their parents!

1. Matching Pajamas

Kick off the holiday celebrations in style with matching pajama sets for you and the whole fur-mily! Who knew looking this great could be so comfortable, too?

Check out the amazing pajama selection at Target:

2. Kuranda Dog Bed

Speaking of comfort, get your pet their own spot to relax (and get your bed back in the process) with a top-of-the-line Kuranda Dog Bed!

The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight to relieve pressure on their joints, unlike traditional pet beds.

Click here to read more about Kuranda Dog Beds:

3. A Custom Pet Christmas Ornament

With a customized breed Christmas ornament from TheUrbanBurro on Etsy, your pet can be featured proudly on your Christmas tree for years to come!

Find your pet’s breed here:

4. Enrichment Puzzles

Keep your dog, cat, or rodent busy for hours on end with enrichment puzzle toys! From Licki Mats to Snuffle Rugs, enrichment toys stimulate your pet’s mind and engage their natural instincts in a healthy way.

Licki Mat:


Large Snuffle Mat:

Sunflower Snuffle Mat:

5. Nail Polish/Claw Caps

Your dog or cat can feel and look their best with pet-safe nail polish or kitty claw caps! Who wouldn’t want a matching mani pedi with their pet?

These kitty claw caps are super easy to apply, come in tons of colors and styles, and are also an ethical alternative to declawing:

Warren London nail polish pens are quick-dry and come in 13 fun colors, ready to apply instantly:

6. Pet Sweater

Keep your pet warm in the winter weather without sacrificing style with these fur-bulous pet sweaters from our online store! 

There’s limited stock, so be sure to get yours now before they sell out:

7. Pet DNA Test

Most pet parents aren’t really sure what their dogs’ lineage is like, unless they were purchased from an accredited breeder. With this pawesome DNA test kit, you can find out what the mix is in terrier mix! As an added bonus, you’ll get a full health report to make you aware of any medical conditions that may run in your pet’s bloodline.

Click here for doggie DNA test kits:

Click here for cat DNA test kits:

8. Furbo Camera

Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you’re not home? With the Furbo Dog Camera, you’ll be able to see your pets, speak to them with two-way audio, and send them a treat to remind them that you'll be home for dinner!

We’ve researched TONS of pet cams, and this one has to be our favorite:

9. A Custom Pet Portrait Mug

This gift goes out to the pet parents who just want to cozy up with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate during those chilly winter days. 

With a custom pet portrait mug, you’ll always have your pet close by whether you’re on the couch or at the office!

Pet photo mug:

Pet line portrait mug:

10. Chewy Goody Box

If all else fails, grab a Goody Box from Chewy! Boxes contain hand-picked treats, toys, and surprises that any pampered pet (and their parents) would love. Choose the type of pet you're buying for, then you can pick from a full list of themes ranging from Disney to seasonal. They even have boxes specifically for puppies and kittens!

Click here to see all of your options: