Why choose enrichment-based doggie daycare?

Why choose enrichment-based doggie daycare?

The very best for your pampered pup.

At both of our Pampered Pet facilities, we pride ourselves on offering an enrichment-based daycare program that stimulates your dog’s mind and body every single time they visit us. While that all sounds awesome, most pampered pup parents aren’t really sure what enrichment-based daycare really means or why it would be better for their dog than a regular free-play daycare format. 

All of us at Pampered Pet Resorts believe that knowledge is power! We want every pampered pet parent to understand how we operate and why an enrichment-based structure is the best possible choice for their daycare dog. That’s why we’ve compiled a brief outline of what we do and why.

  • Free play? No way!

Traditional doggie daycares operate within a free play structure. This means that the dogs can roam freely throughout the yard and play with whoever they want however they want under the supervision of a daycare staff member. Think of it as a dog park where everyone is altered, vaccinated, and usually separated by size.

Free play environments often lack the ability to keep dogs continuously engaged in play, leading to potential fights, overstimulation, boredom, and reinforcing certain negative behaviors. 

  • Smaller groups = less stress

Large, unruly groups are more likely to overstimulate and overwhelm your dog than encourage them to socialize in a healthy manner. The enrichment-based structure separates dogs into groups of 10-14, allowing them the ability to create more intimate friendships with their group-mates in a less stressful environment. 

  • Temperament tested every time

On a pampered pup’s first day, they go through what we refer to as a temperament test. A staff member will take the new pup into an empty play yard on a lead and allow them to become familiar with the space on their own terms. Then, one-by-one, dogs are introduced into the space. If our new friend seems to be responding well, they will be taken off their lead and fully assimilated into the play group for a closely-monitored first session. 

If they seem stressed or uncomfortable in any way, they’ll be removed from the group for a short break before a second introduction. Pups who seem overwhelmed, agitated, or aggressive after a third introduction may not be the best fit for daycare, but alternative one-on-one day lodging options are still available at The Inn!

  • Behavior training made fun!

To keep dogs fully engaged throughout the day, our staff incorporates basic behavior training principles into the daycare structure as well as activities to develop your dog’s ability to focus. This involves rotating between different play yards, continued movement throughout the current yard, water play, and games involving tennis balls and other toys. 

Each dog receives one-on-one enrichment time where they practice basic obedience skills, puzzle games, agility training, and more!

  • Built-in breaks

In addition to the one-on-one time that offers some time away from the group, daycare dogs receive a midday nap period that allows both a break from the outdoors and some personal space to prevent socialization fatigue. This schedule is more in line with a dog’s natural sleep/wake cycle. 

  • A safe space for discovery

At our Pampered Pet Recreation Center facility, we have a year-round sensory garden with rotating elements to expose dogs to things like sand, hay, herbs, and more. Exposure to new things within a trusted space can better prepare dogs for future encounters and improve their reaction to unexpected situations. 

  • Visible results

Pups who attend our enrichment-based daycare on a regular basis show visible improvement in behavior, focus, socialization, and more! Having humans who are dedicated to constantly working with them on areas needing improvement ultimately makes for a well-behaved dog at home who listens and socializes at a higher level.

The overall benefits of enrichment-based daycare are undeniable. The format is much more in tune with dogs’ natural social and physiological needs, and has shown to ultimately improve behavior at home. We are proud to offer enrichment-based daycare, as we truly believe that it is the best possible structure for the long-term health of our pampered pups.

Pampered Pet Resorts recommends making daycare reservations with Pampered Pet Recreation Center at least 48 hours in advance, and offers a complimentary shuttle service for pick-up and drop-off at Pampered Pet Inn.

At this time, Pampered Pet Inn’s daycare program is closed to new day-only daycare clients. 

If you would like to make a reservation for enrichment-based doggie daycare with Pampered Pet Resorts, please visit https://www.pamperedpetinn.com/reserve or call (713) 715-4456.