Doggie Day Camp

Our enrichment-based day care stimulates your dog's mind and body, while also providing the socialization that they need!

Reserve Your Dog's Play Day!

From Pampered Pet Inn to Pampered Pet Recreation Center, pets always have a blast when they come for daycare services!

Pampered Pet Resorts offers a variety of day care services to meet your pets' needs at two convenient locations. ​From the young to the young at heart, Day Camp with Pampered Pet Resorts will surely be a treat for all. We will perform a complimentary evaluation on all pets on their first day to determine whether or not they are able to join the pack.
Dog Day Care at Pampered Pet Inn
Dog Day Care at Pampered Pet Inn
Dog Day Care at Pampered Pet Inn

Day Camp at Pampered Pet Inn

Full Day of Day Camp (5 Hours or longer)


If you choose to become an Inn-The-Pack Member, you will receive 10% off of this price, making your Full Days $40.50 and Half Days $22.50.

Day Camp at Pampered Pet Recreation Center

Full Day of Day Camp (5 Hours or Longer)


Enrichment-Based Doggie Day Camp

​We operate an enrichment-based doggie Day Camp that groups the dogs with ten friends or less, and they rotate through different planned activities throughout the day. Activities generally fall into one of four categories: active-play, calm-play, obstacles, and brain games/scent work.

The dogs have ample time to rest, with dedicated rest breaks throughout the day. They will receive both individual breaks and group breaks. This is more aligned with the natural rhythm of a dog's sleep/wake cycle. The campers are with the same counselor and group of friends all day.

Daycare at Pampered Pet Inn is currently at capacity for new guests. All first-time daycare guests should make their reservations at our Pampered Pet Recreation Center facility. A free shuttle between the facilities is available for convenience. Reservations are required for both daycare and the shuttle service.

Book your dog's spot via emailphonetext, or through your customer portal!

During Your Dog's First Day at Camp

The first day of Day Camp for any dog is considered their evaluation day. Our team will closely monitor our new campers to ensure that they are comfortable and having a good time. If a dog appears to be uncomfortable, is unable to be handled or corrected, or begins displaying signs of aggression towards other dogs, the dog will be removed from group play for a short break. We will give up to three chances for the dog to prove that they are able to safely participate in group play. We require that dogs are spayed and neutered by one year. Typically, we have found that once dogs reach the 6-8 month mark, if they are not neutered, it can adversely affect their ability to participate in Day Camp. For the safety of all of our guests, we reserve the right to deny a dog access to Day Camp if they continue to display poor behavior and do not meet the social requirements for safe play.

Obstacle Courses


Boundary Training with Hula Hoops


Puzzles and Scent Work for Mental Stimulation


Doggie Waterpark at PPRC


And, of course, lots of one-on-one attention and love!


Doggie Day Camp Events!

Doggie Day Camp at Pampered Pet Inn

Doggie Day Camp Events are so much fun! With each $8-$10 ticket, pampered pups gain access to a variety of perks such as themed day camp photos, a special snack, or a take-home craft. Ask our staff how to add a ticket to our next theme day to your pup's reservation!

Check out our events calendar to see a full schedule of PPI & PPRC day camp theme days plus open-to-the-public events at PPRC!

Day Lodging at Pampered Pet Inn

Full Day of Day Lodging


If you choose to become an Inn-The-Pack Member, you will receive 10% off of this price, making your Full Days Lodging to $21.56.

Day Lodging...for Dogs Guests are assigned to their own run for the day, and partake in the same daily routine as our overnight guests with four dog-park style or individual walks in our back yard per day! Day Lodging is a great option for pups who prefer a calmer routine and their own area to hang out in.

We will accommodate private outings for those who don't get along too well with others at no additional charge. All breeds are welcome.

Day Lodging...for Cats Guests are assigned to their own condo and are also given the opportunity to stretch their paws or relax in the Cat Chateau's Window Room with this Day Care option. Our friendly Lodging Staff will pamper your cat or kitten however your pet desires in our Cats-Only Area.